Welcome to Hogg's Hollow

Heading north on Yonge Street, past the prominent Lobalaw Superstore with the cedar shingled roof, motorists begin a decent

down a steep valley. As you make your way down into the vally, you will see blue and white Hogg's Hollow street

signs that beckon you to discover where they might lead. Follow these signs and you will be in the storybook neighbourhood

of Hogg's Hollow.


Hogg's Hollow is an enchanted place set in the rustic beauty of the Don River valley. Here you will find winding crescents and private cul-de-sacs

lined with a colour guard of majestic Maple, Birch, Pine, Spruce and Willow Trees.  There is even a stone bridge in the middle of this

neighbourhood under which the Don River gently flows on its winding course towards Lake Ontario.