Welcome to Hillside

Hillside is unique in that it is the only Toronto neighbourhood that is entirely incorporated as part of a public park. The Rouge Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. This conservation park features woodlands and valleys, meadows and farmland. Hillside is a vital component of Rouge Park as it is the last place in Toronto where wide scale farming takes place.

When you drive through Hillside you will pass through furrowed fields anchored by time weathered barns, open meadows filled with frolicking birds and thickly treed woodlots brimming with rugged Manitoba Maple's and majestic pine trees. Here you begin to sense how the pioneers must have felt when much of Toronto was in this state.

As you keep on driving through this rolling countryside you will bypass creeks, streams and rivers, jockey over railway tracks and single lane bridges and if your lucky catch a fleeting glimpse of a red fox or a white tailed deer. Hillside truly is country in the city