The Toronto Real Estate Board's Government Relations staff closely monitors residential and commercial real estate issues that affect Member REALTORS and the public they serve. TREB also maintains communication with government officials, providing input into important decisions that have consequences for homeowners, renters and investors. Current initiatives focus on affordable home ownership, housing supply and demand, affordable housing, consumer protection and economic development.



Government Relations News Releases






- Panel of Affordable Housing Experts to Attend National Housing Day Forum - November 18
- Toronto REALTORS® Highlighting Need for Land Transfer Tax Relief during Municipal Election Campaign
- October 22
- Toronto REALTORS® Highlighting Need for Land Transfer Tax Relief during Municipal Election Campaign
- October 1
- New Poll Shows Majority of Torontonians Want Toronto Mayoral and Councillor Candidates to Support Land Transfer Tax Relief for Home Buyers
- June 5
- REALTORS® Look Forward to Joining Torontonians in Speaking Out against Home Buying Tax during Municipal Election Campaign
- February 5
- REALTORS® Tell City Council that Proposed 2014 Budget Reliance on Land Transfer Tax Poses Risks and Call for Relief for Home Buyers - January 28

- REALTORS® Call For Home Buying Tax Relief for Everyone as Toronto Budget Committee Begins to Wrap-Up Review of 2014 Budget - December 20
- REALTORS® Raise Concerns Over Potential Proposals to Make First Time Home Buyers Pay More Toronto Home Buying Tax
December 11
- New Poll Shows Increasing Public Support for Phasing-Out Toronto Land Transfer Tax - November 25
- Toronto Real Estate Board Calls On City Executive Committee to Set LTT Phase-Out in Motion July 3
New Poll Shows Continued Strong Public Support For Eliminating Toronto Land Transfer Tax June 14
- Toronto Real Estate Board Says Land Transfer Tax Should Be Scrapped, Not Capped
March 20
- Toronto Real Estate Board Looks Forward to Working with New City of Toronto Budget Chief on Phase-Out of Land Transfer Tax February 5

- New Poll Shows Mississauga And Other “905” Region Residents Strongly Opposed To Municipal Land Transfer Tax
December 4
- Importance of Affordable Housing Solutions Recognized on National Housing Day
- Polls Show 49 Percent Approval Rating for Mayor Ford and Overwhelming Support for Land Transfer Tax Repeal
June 15
New Massive Ward-by-Ward Poll Shows Support for Land Transfer Tax Repeal in 38 of 44 City of Toronto Wards June 8
New Campaign against Toronto Land Transfer Tax Launched in light of Concerning Poll Results June
- Land Transfer Tax Poll Results Released Ahead of Important Announcement by Toronto Real Estate Board
- Transit Should Not Be Funded with Land Transfer Tax: REALTORS® March

- REALTORS® Encouraged by Mayor Ford’s Re-Affirmation of Commitment to Repeal Land Transfer Tax
December 15
- Public Support for Land Transfer Tax Repeal is Resilient, According to Poll
December 6
- GTA REALTORS® Working With Elected Representatives to Create Affordable Housing
December 2
- REALTORS® Remind City Council that LTT is Unpredictable Revenue Stream
October 14
- TREB Follows-Up on City LTT Presentation
September 21
- City Council Being Told to Target Waste, Not Home Buyers
September 19
- Public Expecting Land Transfer Tax Repeal to Move Forward, Despite Budget Challenges
June 9
- GTA REALTORS® Telling Provincial Politicians that Home Ownership Matters
June 3
- REALTORS® Take Public's Pulse on GTA Issues, Including Toronto Land Transfer Tax
May 4
- GTA REALTORS® View City Budget as Step Towards Repealing LTT Jan. 19


- Ontario REALTORS® Support Grow Ops Registry Bill Nov. 25
- GTA REALTORS® Host Ford and Smitherman at TREB AGM Oct. 19
- GTA REALTORS® Work to Eliminate Harmonized Sales Tax Misconceptions Oct. 5
- TREB Hosts Toronto Mayoral Panel at REALTOR® Quest May 3


- Municipal Politicians to Discuss Taxes in the GTA at Toronto Real Estate Board Conference May 5
- TREB - Torontonians Want Toronto Land Transfer Tax Repealed: Poll Mar. 30
- Torontonians Believe City of Toronto Not Being Run As Efficiently As Possible: Poll Mar. 23
- REALTORS® Ask City Budget Committee To Consider Impact of Land Transfer Tax Feb. 18
- REALTORS® Call for a “Home Owners’ Budget” From City Feb. 9


- Toronto Land Transfer Tax Costs City’s Economy $170 million Dec. 10
- Take Action on Affordable Housing, GTA REALTORS® Tell City June 16
- Greater Toronto REALTORS® take in Conference and Tradeshow to benefit their clients May 9
- As Toronto Land Transfer Tax Takes Effect, REALTORS® Call On City to Give Home-buyers a Break Feb. 4
- City Budget Can Send Important Message to Homebuyers: Toronto REALTORS® Jan. 28


- REALTORS® Disappointed that Public Opinion on Land Transfer Tax Ignored Oct. 24
- Torontonians Opposed to Land Transfer Tax Despite "Fair Taxes" Campaign Oct. 15
- Toronto Land Transfer Tax is New Provincial Government 's 1st Test on Municipal Finances Oct. 11
- Fellow Torontonians Support REALTOR® Efforts Against Land Transfer Tax Sept. 19
- Torontonians deserve thoughtful and fair approach to City's financial challenges Aug. 29
- Deferral of Land Transfer Tax Decision is Opportunity for Sober Second Though July 17
- TREB public poll: Torontonians say new taxes should wait for next election July 12
- Toronto REALTORS® Tell City that 100% Land Transfer Tax Increase is Unfair June 27
- Toronto REALTORS® Demonstrate Importance of Working Together June 25
- Concerned Residents Tell Mayor and City Council to Shelve Toronto Home-Buying Tax May 7
- REALTORS® Raise Concerns Over Toronto "Home-buying Tax" Mar. 21


- REALTORS® Tell Province "Home-buying Tax" will Worsen Urban Sprawl, Hurt Economy Apr. 26
- Toronto REALTORS® Ready to Work with New Federal Government Feb. 1
- New Toronto Tax Could Mean More Gridlock and Pollution for GTA Jan. 26


- New Toronto Legislation Could Mean More Taxes on Housing and More Urban Sprawl Dec. 16


- REALTORS® and Home Builders Voice Concerns Over Greenbelt Nov. 24
- Provincial Greenbelt Could Threaten GTA Housing Affordability Oct. 28
- TREB Tells City, "Let's not bite the hand that feeds us" Sept. 21
- TREB to City: Help Keep Real Estate Market Healthy -- development charges May 5
- TREB Tells City to Keep Property Taxes Down Apr. 19
- TREB Tells City to Keep Property Taxes Down Jan. 6