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Toronto Real Estate Board Commits to Continuing MLS Service in Surrounding Areas

TORONTO, November 27, 2002--North America's largest real estate board marks a significant milestone today as contracts to supply Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to the Brampton and Durham Real Estate Boards are signed.

Launched less than a year ago, the Toronto Real Estate Board's new MLS system, TorontoMLS, provides a vast pool of common data from which Realtors throughout Central Ontario can draw. Today's ceremony represents the Brampton and Durham Real Estate Boards' confirmation that they will continue to use the system for at least the next five years.

Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Bosley says the agreements provide for the immediate and comprehensive information consumers need in today's marketplace.

“ Members of the Brampton and Durham Real Estate Boards can enjoy the benefits of communicating instantly with other Realtors across the city through a database that typically houses 25,000 listings. This is good news for sellers as it offers the highest possible exposure for their homes, and buyers who have a multitude of properties from which to choose.

” Since the system was launched Realtors have been servicing their clients with the use of such features as an automatic email function that forwards listings prospectively matching buyers' needs and an online calendar displaying open houses throughout the city. Bosley says sharing such advanced capabilities with other Boards results in a win-win situation.

“ The accuracy, depth and reliability of the system are unmatched. It is a vital tool that allows us to provide the highest quality service to consumers, thereby demonstrating our commitment to professionalism. We are prepared to share this system with any other Boards in the vicinity for the benefit of Realtors and consumers alike.

” Today's official signing ceremony takes place at the Toronto Real Estate Board at 11:30a.m.



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