REALTORS® Calling for Reinstatement of Provincial Energy Efficiency Retrofit Rebates


TORONTO, September 23, 2011 -- With a provincial election approaching, REALTORS® are calling on all provincial political parties to commit to reviving provincial rebates for homeowners who make energy efficiency upgrades to homes.

"Summer is coming to an end and winter will be here before we know it. Homeowners can help to keep their heating bills down by making sure that their homes are as energy efficient as possible. Unfortunately, the up-front costs of doing so can be costly. That's why REALTORS® want to see provincial rebates for energy efficiency upgrades reinstated," said Richard Silver, President of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

Last spring, both the provincial and federal governments ended programs that provided up to $10,000 in rebates (half from the provincial government and half from the federal government) to homeowners who undertook energy efficiency retrofits to their homes. Since then the federal government has revived its program but the provincial government has not done the same. Encourage your provincial candidate to take a strong stand!

"Past federal and provincial rebate programs have been extremely successful. Over 90,000 home owners completed energy efficient retrofits to their properties with the assistance of those programs. The federal government has taken action to continue this success and now the provincial government should do the same. All of the provincial political parties should commit to reviving this program if elected this fall," said Silver.

REALTORS® believe that energy efficiency retrofits to homes are important for homeowners and for the whole Province.

"Not only do energy efficiency upgrades to homes benefit homeowners by helping them to keep their energy bills down, but they benefit all of us by helping to protect our natural environment and by reducing the strain on our energy producing facilities, which, in the long run, saves us all money," added Silver. "These kinds of Retrofit Rebates also go a long way to stimulate the economy by encouraging product purchases and job creation."

REALTORS® look forward to continuing to raise home ownership issues with provincial politicians during the provincial election campaign.  





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