TORONTO, July 8, 2014 -- It is a period of new beginnings at the Toronto Real Estate Board as President Paul Etherington takes the reins to lead its newly elected Board of Directors, and welcomes new leadership with a new Chief Executive Officer. 

Working with the new Board of Directors at this year’s strategic planning for TREB will be new CEO John DiMichele, formerly TREB’s Chief Information Officer and Associate CEO.  For the past several years Mr. DiMichele has worked alongside Don Richardson, TREB’s preceding Chief Executive Officer who is now retired, attending to the day-to-day operations and working on all of TREB’s major files in order to provide for a seamless transition.

A driving force behind the introduction of numerous technology tools, John joined TREB in 2002 as staff Director of Information Services, immediately prior to which he served on the association’s Board of Directors and as Co-Chair of its MLS® Selection Task Force. 

The start of Mr. DiMichele’s career at TREB coincided precisely with the launch of a new MLS® system, TorontoMLS. Surmounting this trial by fire, he has been overseeing the evolution of the MLS® ever since. The system’s next generation, New Stratus, has run concurrently with TorontoMLS since April 2012 and in March 2015, TorontoMLS will be officially retired. 

“John’s wide-ranging contributions have established him as a highly valued and respected member of the real estate community, in fact John worked as a REALTOR® for more than a decade, and that knowledge, and experience will serve him well as TREB’s new CEO,” said TREB President Paul Etherington.  

Mr. DiMichele has served as a Member of three different Ontario Boards as a volunteer in a number of different capacities at each of them, as well as at the Ontario Real Estate Association. He also served as a Member of the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Board of Directors while acting as Chair of its MLS® and Technology Council.  

“My vision as CEO includes a solid commitment to keeping an open door to all Members, listening to their needs and offering input to TREB’s Board of Directors as they work to foster the association’s wellbeing and the continued success of each and every TREB Member, and the consumers they serve,” said Mr. DiMichele. 

Mr. DiMichele will continue to strive for the advancement, stability and security of the MLS® system.